Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My next project - the ISS!!

O.K., as promised in my first post, I'm starting my new undertaking - a 1/100 scale paper-only build of the International Space Station!

I'll be using excellent plans created by Alfonso Moreno. I will be building the model following the order that the station was assembled in space and I am going to suspend the model from the ceiling of my office.

I will be blogging about each component as I build it.  I've also created a progress display on the outer window of my office to provide an overview of my project, highlight the current segment under construction, and convey overall progress in the assembly sequence, using a nice, informative timeline from the NASA site.

Here's a picture of the progress display at my office.

I'm excited about this endeavour and I hope that you follow along. Stay tuned!

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